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If you want to claim to know your class at least get your facts strait.

I'm not a FOTM operative like you were. I started concealment in beta and have played it ever since.

So when I say I'm an expert at concealment people better take me seriously about it.
I know my class (Lethality Operative), thank You. I got it to valor 89, i play it from game start as main character, until recent times.
I never said i'm FOTM - where did you read it?

Let me quote my 1st post in this thread:
Concealment OPs are ridiculous compared to Assassins. Concealment Nerf strategy of BW caused them to be Cumbersome. I didnt play Concealment Ops that much to dare to speak about Fixes, but it was said already in many other threads...."

Do you see me anywhere i claim myself to be expert Concealment Operative, who know all.??
I think you probably mistaken me with someone else.

I'm not talking about classes i did not play (like some people do in this thread). I'm very confident about knowing my Lethality Operative, so i feel i can discuss it with leisure.

Lethality DoTs are curable. It is no secret. Some ppl dont cure them though, for reason. Their Healer can easily heal it with AoE heal and yeah -> 30 sec CC immune.

thank you