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The scrapper/concealment tree needs a buff in the DPS department DESPERATELY, the Lethality/Dirty fighting tree needs to be scrapped and re done completely, its ridiculously broken and extremely clunky, with mediocre DPS and terrible mechanics.
Thank You.
This is what i said in my 1st post in this thread. I also made my suggestion there.

Why are people playing other powerfull classes so jealous?? I just ask about FIXING something that is broken.

How can discuss e.g. this:
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And now just be honest with yourself and admit the simple truth:
Noone is playing Lethality in PvP becasue other 2 trees ARE WAY TO OP.
Why to be on par with other classes when you can choose different tree and be OWERPOWERED?
Seriously, anyone here, who is complaining here about Lethality and Concealment Operatives and how OP they are etc .. How many of you actually PLAY or played the class over at least Valor 70???

Look at my statistics i made again, how can you say about some class that it's op, if you dont even meet them in PVP?? I repeat: out of 800 players, no-one Lethality specced. This is not coincidence.