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I flipped back a couple pages, but didn't see any thread titles suggesting something similar, so I thought I'd touch on it or at least dig it out of the back of the closet.

Character Recustomization?

It really needs to happen. Now that it's easier than ever to unlock races with cartel coins, it would be nice to be able to go back and really do what you wanted to during character creation, but didn't have the tools to do it unlocked yet.

I'm all for restarting a class just to do things better. Not that I make it a habit, but this is a hobby more than a way of life for me, so I don't mind spending the time to start over. Especially when there really are only 4 stories and playing through them gets faster the more you do it. But not every (many) of the player community feel this way, especially the newly acquired f2p crowd we have. It's especially unfair to them since they only have 2 character slots on the account total. They can buy your coins to open up a race, but then they have to sacrifice their only other slot to take advantage of the character creation options, even if they bought the unlock for the race they're currently playing.

Throw us all a bone here, BW. Give us a vendor, on each respective fleet perhaps, that will allow us to recustimize our character. I'm not asking for an AC swap or a race change (although race does nothing from a gameplay standpoint in this game). I just want to be able to swap out the old busted bionics for the new hotness once I unlock the cyborg race or something similar. I'm not even asking for a body type swap. Just the cosmetics. Maybe a new hairdo. The new swanky bionic eye that I mentioned. Maybe get a new tattoo or have one removed. Charge us credits for it. One more money sink can't be all that bad, right? Hell, I'd even be ok with a (SMALL) cost in cartel coins. You could even make it into a legacy item for player ships just like the GTN, mailbox and repair droid. You could even make it a function OF the repair droid (he dabbles in facial reconstruction on the side).

Please, BioWare... You're our only hope.

EDIT: so this thread has (thankfully) gathered a bit of momentum and a few suggestions have poped up that I hadn't taken into consideration when I originally posted it. So with that in mind, I'm going to simply provide a list of suggestions here. Call it an overall thread TL;DR for the attention deficit crowd.

- Legacy customization droid similar to the repair droid to recustomize your character at will or with possible credits
- "Barber shops" for players to spend credits for minor cosmetic changes
- Cartel store full recustomization option with possible name change (not legacy name)
- Cartel store race/gender/name change only option
- Cartel store Legacy name change (not really a fan of this one, but provided for completion)
- Vastly upgraded or revamped character creation tools with more range of features and options (CoH anyone?)
- Character faction change (possibly considerably more complex with having to change ships, story arcs, etc. Maybe causing all story flags, skill points, etc, to be reset. Would need to lock AC to cross faction mirror class, however. Provided for completion.)
- Character "respec" token available from the cartel store with limited uses. Perhaps legacy bound on use. Perhaps multiple purchases available. Total scope of the respec yet to be determined, but possibly up to and including name, gender, species, etc. (Provided for completion)

More added as and when the need arises.

P.S.: Woot! Thanx for the 5 star rating guys! Your posts and support keep this thread alive.