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11.18.2012 , 01:54 PM | #3
I have done this fight on 8 man NIM, and have to say the KB from the tanks isnt that brutal and just a lil bit more damage then it was in HM. You shouldnt be flying into trees or walls though, not to sure if that is causing excessive damage or not, because i didnt have that issue.

On a sidenote i was wondering if someone could post how much HP they have on 16 man, for we can figure out how much dps is needed in 16 man compared to 8 man. As it stands i would like to think that 16 man should be a bit easier with the fact that if you get a second double destruction you have people already on the tank that can eat, and dont need to have dps switching tanks mid fight, or having to be very creative to avoid the second one completely.