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11.18.2012 , 01:29 PM | #4
fresh pvp at 50 is fine so long as you accept reality

a freshie will get stomped by everything if payed the slightest attention but can still contribute to a team's success if played properly

in other words- need to play more to the objectives and act as a support player; use cc's liberally (even at 50 pvp it is astonishing the amount of cluelessness out there-- a teammate is capping?- get to a spot to intercept enemy and keep them away from capper even if it means certain death)

do you have guards and taunts?-- abuse them
do you have heals?- abuse them till you're focused then try to kite and bait other team
do you have ranged?- pewpew cappers

if you are on a team with a bunch of other freshies you will get stomped but such is life in warzones
if you are on a team with a mix (as most que's are) then the team, like always, which coordinates best will win

realizing that one is a freshie is the first step to helping your team
ditching your leveling and fp gears and using the freebie recruit set is a must the second you ding- if you have saved comms along the way and can get the wh main weapon then things will go much smoother out of the gate