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The problem isn't the difficulty. That's not why people are complaining. I'm really happy that there is finally something that is literally on the edge of too hard for some really quality raid groups to complete.

That being said, people are kind of pissed (including me) because 8m is comparatively too easy for the same rewards. 8m NiM EC is much easier than 16m. There is no debate to be had. It's not even close . It's REALLY disheartening to see 8m groups reaping the same rewards and makes you question why it's worth doing something just for "prestige".

There are already discussions internally within the guild of breaking down our 16m into two 8m raid groups for farming once we have beat this content for progression, and it's a shame that that's even being considered. Just a personal opinion (I don't speak for all in MoX), but Bioware is going to have to do much more balancing or provide perks for 16m raiding if they want any guilds to keep doing it. It's apparent already that there aren't many of us left.
I couldn't have said it better myself, being 1 of the first guilds to down T/Z NiM mode.... Our guild is one of the few left on our server doing 16 man, and you hit the nail on the head with our sentiments as well.
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