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In 1.3, we saw the removal of Biochem's adrenals from WZ's. So thus making it more fair to people who didn't want to have Bio on their PvP toon.

However now there is a SIGNIFICANT boost to players through the legacy system of class buffs. For someone that doesn't like leveling characters and will stick with their 1 toon despite how underpowered they are, they are limited to 1 class buff.... their own.

Why is it that people that reroll each new FOTM get's the advantage of having all of the buffs to re-buff themselves after they die giving them an edge over the people that do not have that.

Some possible solutions:

1) Make the legacy ability purchasable with credits (Like EVERY other legacy perk/buff except the buffs gained from grinding out all your companions affection ((which still is grindable with credits in an indirect way)))

2) Disable the ability to buff other classes buff for RWZ's. So instead of forcing people to buy the buffs to stay competitive, everyone just has to deal without (must as the case with the biochem adrenals)

Does anyone else see how this can make a huge difference in a warzone
First off: Biochem was the only crafting profession nerf'd because of PVP. Now Cybertech claims an unfair advantage in PVP with grenades. Allow Biochem adrenals.... and your statement to this effect is a moot point.

Additionally, you obviously didn't play the game when legacy first started.

This was the WHOLE premise for Legacy being started.

You are asking them to change a system that they implemented during a time frame you didn't play the game. How is that fair to the rest of us who played since beta and put in the time it took to grind out 4 level 40's to get all 4 class buffs.

Sorry but there is no solution you can provide that would be fair to the "life time subscribers" you are obviously not a part of.

Incidently I'm working on my 5th level 50 and I still don't have all 4 buffs. Why should you be spoonfed without putting in the work to get the perk?

This isn't wow. Sometimes you have to grind things out to get what you want.