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Let me explain to you again:
The one, Biggest hit of Lethality (Cull) rely on the presence of 2 DoT *present*. The DoTs are curable.
Seriously, Stop right there.

1. Lethality dots are NOT cleanseable.

2. - Refer to Lingering Toxin in the lethality skill tree.

You might want to go back and relearn your class because you obviously don't know it as well as you think. Irony is I've never tried any spec other than concealment and I know more about the off spec than you do.

But hey what do I know... we should just nerf concealments again... that should balance out PVP just fine. Forget the fact resolve is broken. Forget the fact lolbubble sorcs/sages are broken. Forget the fact shadows/sins do everything concealments do except better, and have far more utility in every aspect of PVP and PVE. Forget the fact IA has broken mechanics affiliated with it already that noone wants to acknowledge.