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I said AOE because, well, this is your AOE thread..
Not my thread. But w.r.t. the AoE, read on below...

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But again you insist on comparing one of the weaker AOE attacks that mercs have to Smash, the best AOE that warriors have. Yes, DFA is a channeled attack and can be interrupted. Just like much of the rest of the damage a Merc does
We are comparing Explosive Dart to Smash because that is what the Merc will commonly use to generate assured damage against a pack of enemy players. DFA can be used only 1/6th as often as Smash and will typically generate only 1/3rd to 1/4th the damage output of Smash. And it is significantly worse from an energy mangement standpoint. Frankly it is ludicrious that anyone is even attempting to argue that Merc dps can compete with Jugg/Sent Rage specs as an AoE platform. There isn't a single high rated ranked wz team that would even consider replacing their Smash Monkeys with a Merc. Merc dps sucks. It sucks at survivability, it sucks at burst damage, it sucks at overall damage and it sucks at utility. And yes, even at AoE damage it sucks compared to other AoE classes. If you want to argue that Merc dps does better AoE damage than a Carnage Mara, then yeah, I'll give you that. Doesn't change the FACT that Merc dps is the worst subclass in the game for PvP.