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To the OP:

Your an operative. A Space Ninja. Ninjas don't fight in the front line. They wait in the shadows for the right time to strike and kill with high efficiency.

I'm leveling an operative. I do just fine keeping my space ninja mentality. I jump in the fight when i see a target at 50% and murder it before it can do anything, then proceed to dot (if lethality) or choose the next lowest target and kill it. I flashbang people i know have used their CC breaker and focus a target with someone, then clean up.

It sounds like you don't like that as a play mechanic. Then by all means play a jugg. It sounds like your playstyle. I'm not ragging on you. Don't buy a donkey if you wanna win a horse race. Werd.
You sir, are not level 50.

Lowbie bracket PVP is a joke.

When you get all growed up at level 50. Then you'll see how steep that learning curve really is.

Until then... L2P.

There are 2 types of Concealment operatives at level 50.

1. Real concealments stay concealment (Like me who stayed concealment through all 6 nerfs)

2. ZOMG concealment easymode is easymode are called Heal spec. People who couldn't hack it as concealment went heal spec instead.