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Nearly in at least once every 5-6 games i stumble upon this invisible annoyances that you call DPS operatives..
Yeah - ToFN.

But the hard truth about operatives is that that not a DPS tree is weak, but Heal tree is too OP...
Everyone knows that healer Operatives are immortal beasts.
Tune down the Opness of Healtree and you will find more DPS operatives in WZ
I sincerely hope you aren't being classist and don't discount BH's/Troopers/Sorcs/Sages out of that OP'd healer genre.

Because that's just what they are.

I came across a trooper healer in a wz earlier today... 2-3 people beating on him his HP never went below 1/2. I would say I was one of them attacking the trooper but I'm a concealment spec'd DPS'er so my DPS doesn't count which is why I said 2-3 people instead of 3-4.