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I am having what appears to be the same issue.

I am testing this on a level 43 Imperial Agent Operative, on Belsavis (regular).
I have the following companions unlocked:
Ensign Temple
Doctor Lokin
Ship Droid 2V-R8

When Kaliyo or Temple manage to pop up in the Companion tab of the Item Preview window, all I see is one or two feet. Usually (always?) they are naked feet.

When Vector, Lokin, SCORPIO, or 2V-R8 are in the preview window, it works as intended.

When I try to cycle through companions, I cannot cycle to Kaliyo or Temple. If they are next in the rotation, it will not go to them, instead keeping the current Previewed companion's name and going to a gray, empty screen for the character display.

If I open the Preview tab and Kaliyo or Temple are currently loaded, I get the bare foot/feet; I can cycle off of them but not back on. (if it brings up Kaliyo, I can go forward to Vector or back to 2V-R8. If I go to Vector, I cannot leave Vector until I zone or toggle the UI off and back on - as Ensign Temple is next in the cycle, Vector is bracketed by females.)

I have tested that this occurs whether I am on my ship (which, btw, I never did get the Codex entry for), on Belsavis (regular), on Ilum, or on Alderaan. In Section X, I get the Known Issue preview window failure. Interestingly, I had the same issue on Corellia as in Section X: No preview at all, even on my tab. Still cannot even cycle the name bar of the companion preview tab to Kaliyo or Temple.
This is exactly how it is happening for me. As Mako is my only female comp on the Bounty Hunter, I can't say if this is with females since it seems his is. But I get 2 naked Mako feet. The droid and Blizz show fine but they never change no matter what you put on them. Gault and Skadge are hit and miss but generally they only show what they currently have on. If I move away from Mako to one of the others, I can't even load her back. I have to zone out of where I am or completely reload. The window get stuck on whatever comp was the last to be looked at.

But it is not a consistent thing. Today, I got to see some pants on Mako after she showed up with just feet. But when I looked at a top to go with the pants, she vanished completely and never came back.

On a side note, she makes for a great weapon preview because she is invisible and the weapons how. I can look at them from every angle.