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I am going to say I think it would be very hard to buff damage operatives with their ccurrent stealth and lockdown type playstyle. They either need to make resolve more effective first/with that, or change operatives to be lest about stun timing and more about burst and restealthing.
Just to clarify... it's overpowered if a concealment restealths and bursts... but not overpowered when sins/shadows do it.

It's not overpowered when sins/shadows can use their Knockdown skill while out of stealth.

It's not overpowered that Tankasin hybrids can have 82% + or - 3% damage reduction for 15 seconds (Not factoring in Saber Ward)

It's not overpowered that sins/shadows have force shroud which defends against Force/Tech damage by 100%. While concealments only have defense against tech, kinetic and energy damage. What's the population of Glowstick users to IA's again? like 50:1 ratio? For those that missed the point here: Glowstick users do Force and energy damage.

Right cause bubble sorcs aren't overpowered at all right now...

4 bubble stuns = 100% resolve

then they root you

run off heal to full HP

rinse and repeat.

And you have the audacity to complain about our stunlocks?

Define Irony: Bubble stun - 3 second duration does not break on damage. Concealment Knockdown was 3 seconds (Overpowered and nerf'd to 1.5 sec) Give us our KD back and we might be talking about something here.

All of the above is completely ignoring the fact IA's have broken mechanics which Bioware is to stupid to see or address or is deliberately ignoring.

To be fair though, I'd give up a 2 second duration on our stunlock to have more damage.