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And just how long do you think it will take to develop, refine, test and implement option two? Maybe by patch 2.8.3 we'll have the super-balanced, super-fun match making system that everyone seems to want? Awesome! But how many players will be around by then let me ask?

Option two is a great idea...

...on paper because it is unrealistic at the present. It will take an insane amount of money and time to develop and implement. By which time pretty much all PuGs, F2P and casual subbers will have already left the game. We won't be needing a match making system by then because there won't be people around to PvP. We really should poll the new/returning players how much fun they have in PvP and if they plan to stick around or even do the unthinkable and sub.

Then what will all the war hero premades that laugh hysterically with frothing mouths and madly flashing eyes and feel a sudden rush of adulation and exultation for successfully killing someone who had 6 or 7k less HP anyway in two shots do when they suddenly run out of PuGs, casuals and F2P to slaughter? Some will stay and play against other premades in rateds, most will leave because they don't like even competition. That will be the sad but not surprising end of SWTOR PVP.

So, we can sit back, debate all day about a perfect match making system whose release will coincide with Mitt Romney's 2016 presidential inauguration, grab some popcorn and watch SWTOR PVP wither and die. Because I can guarantee you that system we want is so complex that it's impossible to implement in the near future.

The developers need to do something RIGHT NOW and ASAP if they are serious about making new and returning players actually want to play pvp. I see absolutely no reason why we couldn't try split queues for a short time. Or even allow people to optionally turn premades off (hint hint at a certain game), so whoever wants to play against premades while solo queuing (guess how many will) will be allowed to do so. It doesn't have to be permanent, just to see if it would alleviate some of the burden that is already weighing down new people so much.

You say if a man is in critical condition and you administer the wrong procedure he could die? True. The difference is: if you administer the wrong treatment he COULD die. If you don't do anything he WILL die. (And the kind of match making we all want is tantamount to doing nothing because it is unfathomably far in the future.)

MMOs are always developing and evolving. I'm sure all the reasonable premaders (who want more than fast and easy comms and kills) and solo players would be interested in a short experiment. (We could also try experimenting with gear and a Recruit bracket.) It's just those abovementioned premades that complain who suddenly feel naked when they enter a warzone, where they cant kill everyone in 3 GCDs.
Are you a programmer? Have you ever programmed a matching algorithm? Do you know how many Programmers Bioware has? Do you know how to split queue's?

I'm going to guess no to pretty much all of that. Simply put, you (and I) do not know how long it would take Bioware to do either option. As stated before, I do not believe bioware has the luxury to make another stupid hasty fix. We need a "real" solution to the "correct" problem.

Fyi. No one likes being lab rats. Should see how many people complained about ToR being incomplete, and essentially Paying to Beta Test in the first 6 months of this game.