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First thing you can do is knock them down five notches. Second thing is to limit how much of the storylines you incorporate into the character's development. There are two theories in character development: 1.) Let the game mold your character or 2.) Develop the game mechanics around your character concept. Number one is problematic, as I mentioned earlier, given the "Galactic Savior" mentality in each story and mission. So, the second option is best.

It's always best to choose a character's personality first. What makes him unique? Then develop his profession. What does he do? How does he make credits? There are a billion and one mercenaries out there and Canon is full of dozens of examples.

You also can't forget about the game mechanics themselves. This a themepark MMO. Combat relates to 90% of all in-game activities. Unless you want to RP a cantina crawler (which I do not recommend), then I would highly suggest giving your characters some motivation to engage in combat. They don't have to be soldiers or mercenaries, but they should be able to defend themselves. (This isn't to say that you can't go OOC for combat-related activities, but I'd recommend limiting this for immersion's sake. Having said that, most missions I do OOC because they don't work with my character concepts - yet my characters are combat capable.)

Just a run down on my characters at the moment:
Imperial Agent: Former Imperial Pilot turned vigilante - upper 40s, calm, cool, collected
Smuggler: SIS agent moonlighting as an Underworld tradesman - mid-30s, cold, calculating
Jedi Knight: Retired Jedi Master recently returned to active duty - early 60s, loud, boisterous, sensitive
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