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Since I have already given a historical overview of Revan in the first thread of this series, I thought I would dedicate this thread to clearing up those nasty little misconceptions surrounding him. I am so going to get flamed for this, but who cares? Let's get to it.

Mastered both sides of the Force? No. What we have here is people jumping to conclusions. Revan did not master either side of the Force. He did not master any abilities. He did not master any Lightsaber Forms. He was a proficient user in many various abilities, but not a master. Revan could not comprehend how to master either side of the Force, because he could not master himself.

Tactical Genius? No. Another misconception. Revan was not a tactical genius. During the Mandalorian Wars, he used the Mandalorian tactics and superior Jedi numbers to gain victory. During the Jedi Civil War, he had Admiral Saul Karath and several other Republic officials that knew Republic tactics. Revan created tactics with Admiral Karath to counter everything the Republic would do against them. That does not make him a tactical genius. If it did, Thrawn would be a tactical god. Which he is, but a greater one going by that standard.

Used both sides of the Force simultaneously? Not only is that impossible by G-canon, but it is also impossible physically, mentally, and in the Force. And no, Revan is not a special case (an argument I heard recently... you know who you are). It is impossible to use both sides simultaneously, not just because of G-canon, but also because of the toll it would take on the body, mind and spirit. It's been tried before, with disastrous results. What we have here is Revan entering a brief moment of Oneness with the Force. A moment in which Revan was enveloped into the Force and unleashed its full power. But first time readers of that novel (what passes for a novel) will never know that because of the wording, in combination with a lack of knowledge in canon and the Force, casual readers will take it as they see it.

I'm sure I missed some, so any of you that actually know Revan can add to it. So going to get flamed for this.

If you have a topic you would like to see in the future, post them below or PM me.
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