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11.18.2012 , 08:24 AM | #1
Over the weekend, I have lost count how many players have turned up to lvl 50 pvp with PvE gear. Clearly, I feel that these are returning players who probably left before 1.2 and the who expertise requirement thing.

So can the Community Team actually make a blog with some tips and 'how to guides' - even point to the ones on the forum, to help some of those returning from being yelled at for not even having recruit gear.

I also feel, that those who were given the choice of either Recruit Gear token or 320k credits, will most likely take the credits because they are(maybe/probably) returning to a small bank balance.

You can argue all day about 'they shouldn't have used the money' but we really need to encourage more people into pvp providing they have the right gear.