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I am currently trying to beat the sand demon on Tatooine. I have tried using Vette for some more firepower as well as using Quinn for healing...don't seem to get very far without getting killed. I am a level 26 sith jugg, the boss is a level 26 boss, therefore iw as thinking about coming back to this once I get to level 28 just before leaving Tatooine. But just in case, doea anyone have any tips on how to beat this guy? Thanx!!
Honestly it is a bit that you are on the same level. He is an Elite or Champion from what I recall. Which means he is by no means immortal but RNG probably wont go in your favor. Having said this I prefer Vette because the extra dps is more beneficial than the healing to me. You have defensive cd's so use them and use your heroic moment. Make sure you use your stim, adrenal and have a health pack. Pop all your buffs as soon as you start your leap at him. You will have a few seconds to run away before the aggro kicks in and he comes at you. If you start to drop a bit too far run around a bit just out of his reach while Vette pounds on him for a bit. She can soak up some damage for a bit while it takes a few seconds for your buff and/or defensive cd to become available again. Also make sure you are popping your relics as well.