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11.18.2012 , 06:46 AM | #7
Hi All

Thanks for the replies, currently leveling a Jedi Consulor at the moment, although I really cant get any enjoyment from this game. Maybe I am playing on the wrong server but I only have a choice of 3 English european servers (playing on the PvE one). I am in the starter zone which is completly mobbed, there seems to be groups of russians just going around stomping on anything that moves and chat is barley english at the moment. The only time the game is slightly bareable is when I am in my own Story instance.

Now yes I know this is an MMORPG so there will be lots of players but didnt expect to be constantly fighting for scraps with these roaming squads of players killing everything in sight. I am hoping this is just short term unitl the free to play bug wears off. Anyone else having issues like this or have I just started playing the game at a bad time?