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The bubble story.

Hi, if you don't know me, I play sage and sorc heals in pvp. I love the class so much that I just keep on leveling them, first on the PVP server, then again on the PVE server. I have recently been brimming with rage about the things people are saying about my character. I thought this bed time story would be the best way of explaining it to you all. Enjoy.
Zanshiri was very happy enjoying pvping, working on gear, just all round enjoying the experience. Life was great and pvp was her own little get away from troubles in the real world.
This happy little healer spent a long time having a laugh, playing with friends, it was a great time.
But then, along came the evil L2P people, people who don't understand class mechanics and want to nerf everything in the game until it becomes as simplified as wow became. These are not nice people children, be afraid, very afraid.
They accused my poor little sage of hacks, simply because they do not understand the mechanics of a sage healer who doesn't play a fail pve aoe ineffective spec.
"No" they said "sages can not protect themselves! They are weak and the only time they should not be helpless is when they have a big strong tank around to guard them!"
Well poor little Zanshiri was confused, she had never had to rely on anyone else to protect her before, she had learned to play her class, busy reading talent points, seeing which would best suit her needs in pvp. She would not give in to the L2P people! But still, the slander and the bad words kept attacking her. Finally, after reaching the point she was about to completely explode, she had an idea. She was one of the few, not many others had heard of this wonderful thing known as defensive abilities. What if there were some way she could get the word out to all the other poor sorc and sage pvp healers out there in the world of Dalborra. So being the complete smart *** that she is, she wrote a nice little story for everyone, and at the end she linked this talent tree that the L2P people feared so much.

To Be Continued .................
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