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to be honest i did not like this one, the space battle seemed dull, not really that much action, and obi telling grivous the sip was going to self destruct was stupid as no one would do that, they should of left grevous to find out by himself before the bomb went off. but what do you think.
I agree, it was nothing special. When it was over I was like, "is that it?" But hey, 20 min episodes: what can you do? It continued the story and introduced new plot, but other than that nothing special.

And now that you mention it, that was quite stupid of Kenobi. "Hey Grievous, this ship is about to self-destruct! Guess your gonna die now because it isn't like your a master escapist or anything" /facepalm

I look forward to the next episode though, where we can see some more Grievous action.

P.S. Have you seen the sneak preview for Darth Maul? (bad quality I know, but its for registered peops only) It looks like their finally reintroducing the bounty hunters again and pitting them against the Sith lords and that Death Watch guy - looks to be epic (hopefully Ventress will turn up too)