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11.18.2012 , 06:07 AM | #12
for pvp the assault spec is the easy way to go u can try ur hand at gunnery and pick targets setup but alot is up to chance and skill. the assault spec with plasma proc basicly means u should nearly always be burning a target to for max burst pile on all of ur dots(inc round, plasma cell, plasma nade) for 1on1 combat. when ur helping guard or rushing a object, i find it helpfull to hammer shot healers and switch to weaker dps. to max out dps and help the most avoid attacking tank when they are not attacking ur healers.
for the gunnery side i would suggest finding their healers early in the game and focus on them when ever fighting groups are the burst dps is alot better for taking down healers then removeable dots as many of the better healers already know which dots can and can not be removed.