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add1: Medic is fine, nothing overpowered
lol.. so when 3-4 ppl are chasing the Medic and he just running laughin at them it is considered as «fine». Ok. Fine.

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add2: you're clearly out of picture (id get better DMG number as Lethality in WZ than Conceal - if i poison everyone - and in doing so screw all my teammates CC
My statement was based on the picture provided IN THIS THREAD. lol.
You are not reading your own thread? lol. fine.

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add3: you're clearly out of picture again, on border of trolling
Lol.. It is YOU whom i quoted. It was you who are saying that with lethality you can easilly SOLO all the H4 dailies..
Nothing owerpovered. Worked as intended. lol.. Fine..
So who is trolling?

Quote: Originally Posted by tatatan View Post
From what you say now, it's very clear you never played the class, or at least not seriously, ergo, any serious discussion is out of equation with you. Go Troll somewhere else. This is serious thread about Class having problems.
From what you said so far, it looks, you probably have problesm with Ops in WZs? Probably weak play, Concealments always target the weakest.

Have a nice day.
Lol.. Personal insults? lol.. so childish.
Yes, i am the worst player in all the swtor. Feel better?
And now just be honest with yourself and admit the simple truth:
Noone is playing Lethality in PvP becasue other 2 trees ARE WAY TO OP.
Why to be on par with other classes when you can choose different tree and be OWERPOWERED?
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