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The Droid Commandos from the Clone Wars were pretty agile, and IG-88 had extremely fast reflexes. And while he wasn't a Jedi or Sith, General Grievous fought with lightsabers. I know he was a cyborg, but it stands to reason a droid could also.

I would love to see the Draethos, Kaleesh, Rodians, Droids, Ithorians, Utapauns, Togruta, Kel Dor, Trandoshans, Bith, and Gand as playable races. However there are some races, in my opinion, that just shouldn't be playable. Like Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Wookies, Ewoks, Yoda's Species, or Hutts (for obvious reasons). It just wouldn't seem right. Being able to play a Yoda or a Wookie would ruin the whole atmosphere around them. Imagine hundreds of Yoda's running around, it would be awful.
The clone wars is in the future with respects to this game, period droids tend to be clunky and slow, imagine playing as C3-P0, slow and annoying. Greivous could use lightsabers but not Force powers, droids do not connect to the force, and a Jedi or Sith without the force is not much fun.

I agree more races would be fun, and I love the idea of Imperials be swarmed by hundreds of trooper "Yoda's". Out of interest what is Yoda's race called, please someone tell me?
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