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The V'akarian legacy.

Avern had been a slave for as long as could remember unlike his fellow slaves he held onto each ounce of hate he earned from any beating or any jolt of lightning, eventually he came across a pure blooded sith slave and both fell into a single night together. Eventually Avern discovered he was connected to the force and subsequently sent to Korriban for training. The imperial solider he had loved gave birth to a daughter, Hazor. of course when she came of age she was sent to Korriban also.

after many swift and brutal imperial victories led by Avern the jedi council hatched a plan to secure this siths power. They secretly acquired DNA samples of this powerful sith lord and created a growth accelerated clone completely loyal to republic and its people named Arven. When he was ready the clone was sent to Tython for training. However not all of the hate from his "brother" was taken away, so he was left with 2 voices in his head telling him what to do. he managed, mostly but each choice was a struggle. While training on Tython Arven became great friends with a miralukan jedi named Arail. she shared a huge passion for jedi culture and history. Both believed in the republic and traveled through many dangers.

During a battle which nearly saw to the end of the sith lord Avern a bounty hunter literally flew in and eliminated the attackers. The first words out of the bounty hunters mouth afterwards was 'that'll be 25000 creds.'

At first the Rargus threw in with Braden and his team for the money. Overtime he grew to respect mandalorians, honor and teammates. similarly albeit Begrudgingly over time the two became good friends the bounty hunters jokes forcing even Avern to develop a small sense of wit. He would never admit it though.

A time on dromund kaas the pair ran into an imperial intelligence chiss agent named Alit. The CHISS had been given to the empire as a negotiation aid to further promote the chiss empire alliance. The female chiss was genetically engineered at birth to be perfect. She held a loyalty to the empire which bordered on fanatical. She always tried to do right where ever her mission parameters permitted. Her only hatred was for certain ignorant sith and a smuggler by the name of Neath. The mirialan smuggler had been contracted by the agent to transfer her to a republic world for a mission. The smuggler double crossed the agent and handed her to the republic from which she narrowly escaped from. But vowed vengeance.

During Rargus's early years as a bounty hunter of little renown, he had a run in with the republic military with a solider named sergeant Desharp. The sergeant pursed the bounty hunter and was rewarded by mortally wounding the hunter by shooting his eye. The bounty hunter got his revenge by completing an old saying "an eye for and eye". Desharp filed for a cybernetic eye through the military but the red tape would ensure she never received one. She was promoted to havoc squad shortly after. Rargus however used underworld connections to receive a new eye extremely swiftly.

There you have it guys I deeply hope you like this, took me ages to work it all out! Hahaha.