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11.18.2012 , 03:30 AM | #3
For a raid support healer though alacrity should not and does not matter for sages because no matter how much of it you have, it's not as good as stacking more power and surge to make your salvation and healing trance hit harder. Alacrity will not make my salvation any better for the melee or ranged standing in it momentarily. My main job is to aoe heal the melee or ranged (we decide before every boss) and to also bubble and cast rej. on my respective tank. Healing Trance is really the only single target heal I use and I don't mind throwing a couple bens. out as fillers because while they are less effective in the long run, it is much better than sitting there getting ready to cast deliverance (keep in mind that I hardly ever use it; only when after healing trance if the target needs a little extra). Also tanks take massive damage at certain times and if our main tank healers cannot keep them up then that's life and we (sages) must do more than bubble them and cast rej. every time its up. This coming from a healer that is part of a 16 man group that has TfB HM on farm as well as the first boss on EC NM already down, I think my opinion is more than valid enough. I just thought I would put this out their for other sages because while I wish we could be single target power house healers, you should accept that you are the best aoe and support healer in the game with your bubble and rej. being a extremely useful tool for adding extra armor and protection.