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The P2W mentality is that it is easier to buy then to grind. In other words, unless you're broke as hell, why would anyone choose to grind out 4 million over spending $5? So my point is lower the cost in legacy to say 1 or 2 million if the CC cost is goin to be at its current rate. I understand that credits - real money is a subjective topic... However my rule of thumb would be to set the cost so that an "average" player would be inclined to see the choices available to be balanced. I understand EA wants to make more money and I don't have a problem with that... But when you start to encourage a community that lacks any sense of *delayed gratification* you, IMO, start to degrade the MMO.

As an adult I completely get and agree with the argument that not everyone can grind hours of game time per day. So for us adults who can afford it, buying via CC is, IMO, fair. But when you set the price such that it would make more "average" subscribers more inclined to spend $$$ over playing the game and "working for it" (even if you have the time to do so) then you not only take away from the player who invested significant time to buy it, you encourage people to just buy things because its insane to spend days earning 4mil when for most adults, $5 isn't crap.

So if you want to sell it for $5 bucks because that's all that perk is demmed worth, then reflect that in future legacy cost by reducing the in-game credit cost to make that option more competitive.

In other words, EA shouldn't, IMO, start down the path of encouraging people just to buy perks, items, armor, ect instead of giving two "reasonable" options. Again, I conceded the final cost ratio is subjective.
I understand the point you are trying to make but you fail to see it isn't pay to win period, end of story. You are paying for perks nothing more. Pay to win is if I don't buy this item I can't be competitive in this game. Rocket boots don't add an edge in pvp which is the only thing one might complain about. Some argument can be made to certain items we can get in the shop but they are subjective and very few. It just isn't pay to win. They aren't taking anything away from you they are making it more accessible than it was before. There are many items that they have done this with in this game. This happens in everything you do in daily life.

In order to have more people play over time things always get a bit cheaper here and there. This happened with speeders and may very well happen with some legacy items in the future. However this isn't the only instance of this happening in the game and this isn't the only game it happens in. In order to reach out to more players they have to change things up and trivializes nothing of what you accomplished before. You still have your accomplishment and if some player would prefer to buy it with cash then so be it. I see no problem here because I do feel EA should be encouraging buying of perks. I don't want it to turn into a true pay to win model and if you have played any Asian MMO's then you know exactly that you have to pay to be competitive at even a low level.

You have a right to voice your opinion on the matter to say you think credits and coins aren't comparable as far as investment and you may be right. I just happen to disagree that it in any way trivializes what you did. In fact I as most gamer's would not care how you went about getting them we just think it's cool that you have them. That doesn't mean that everyone will have to take your path. I am sure there are some people that made the credits in a day or two at most by use of the GTN. Does it trivialize what you did if it took you a month to make the same amount? And the answer is no.