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11.18.2012 , 02:32 AM | #87
Can I just say that the few WZ's I have done recently (October) I enjoyed against BOSS and Midian. Also that Nightmare Council dude who tried to gank me in Section X the other day while I was fighting mobs, I trust you enjoyed a mouth full of cement . Ah it's all good, it ended up being the theme of that day I think. That said, I only tried to gank 50s when I was sub 45 on Hoth.

Anyway, an APAC Server merge I think is desirable (in terms of Master D's well being). Transfers would result in total exodus I believe.

At the moment a low ping of 30 ms for me is great and I dont really want to set up again on the US either through a merge or through transfer but I would if I had to (I'd do either).

I think WZ's would be questionable over 300ms but I prefer to raid so idk how important that will be.

I like Master Dar but I dare say a decision on our future is imminent (BW stated they'd wait until the after f2p to see what happens) unless f2p'ers suddenly start arriving in droves. Either way the community is good and Im happy to continue with it in whatever form.
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