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11.18.2012 , 02:11 AM | #197
OP is trolling. He said Mara's Force Push him twice within 5 seconds. Mara's don't even have Force Push and Juggs/Guards have Force Push, but it has a 1 minute CD. This can't be life. He also stated Charge stuns people, which it doesn't.

It roots and often times, you Charge someone and they are not even rooted and just continue runnning while your Charge goes on CD and you're still out of melee range of them. He also stated that Obliterate has a 30 meter range. Then someone corrected him and he changed it to 15 meter range. It has a 10 meter range. And the OP claims to have a Sentinel?

I don't think so. If you did, you would not be making QQ threads on this forum and instead be getting rolled in WZ because you're a bad player and could not play a Sentinel as effectively as you can play the other faceroll classes in this game that QQ about them. Why is it that when I play the other classes in this game, it's so much easier than my Sentinel? Why am I rarely targetted or die whenever I play one of the ranged or healer classe? Why do I enter WZ's at level 10 on those classes and break 100-400k healing and almost no deaths?

You guys are bad and should feel bad back-peddling and keyboard turning away from Mara's jumping on you. If you spent enough time learning how to play a Marauder so that you knew it inside and out on how to counter it like I do on your classes, you would be a better player (not much though, because remember, you are still horrible at this game and can't counter one of the easiest classes to counter). I mean, on my Mara I have the worst stun in the game, a 3 second channeled, self-CCing, interruptable by all interrupts, KB's, stuns, mezzs, etc in the game and can still shut down any Mara that decides to pop UR instantly thus completely negating his survival CD entirely every single time. You are so bad. How hard is it to pop your instant stun, KB, root, kite, etc the Mara while UR is active.

Or better yet, stun right before and kill them before they can even blow it. I mean, seriously. You guys are so bad at this thing we do. If I were you, I'd just unsub now and save yourself a lot of heartache here. You're just not cut out for competitive gaming.