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So then is putting good mods in PVP gear an option? Personally I think the assassin PVP gear in my picture looks awesome, but I've heard it isn't good for PVE.

Once again though, does it become viable with modding?
yeah, but your set bonus will change to the PvP set bonus, unless you slot campaign armorings, and you have to slot in mods from your PvE gear, since PvP gear by itself is not good for raiding. Personally, Im still using Kallig's Countenace (the headpiece you get after tat, i believe) with the BH chest and the rakata robe, it looks pretty sick The endgame T1 armor for both PvE and PvP look ridiculous imo, i mean, its either giant bull horns or a faceplate with feathers, it just looks dumb
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