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My guild just spent 5 or so hours chewing on the tanks and brainstorming tactics and figuring out mechanics. I'm hoping to get some feedback, ideas, or help from other 16 man guilds with this fight.

Differences from 16-man HM:

Incinerate Armor: The tank with this debuff now takes 100% more damage from Firebrand. Previously, this move only made the tank's armor 0. We found that the tanks had to taunt and switch faster than normal to prevent the tank moving FROM Firebrand to be near death when he arrives at Stormcaller.

Double Destruction: People who get Single Destruction will now be one-shot if they take Double Destruction for a second time. We found it easy to just make the 2 people who get it first time to move toward the back of the tank so that they won't even get close to getting it a second time.

Targeted/The yellow beams: We found that the AoE range of this attack is bigger than the reticle will lead you to believe. The person needs to run away quite a bit after cleansing the debuff in order to not get 1 shot.

Defensive Systems: This gave us the biggest curve ball. In HM, both 8 and 16 groups, the tanks would do a push back in which we would usually use to get into shields faster (position yourself to get pushed almost into the shields). However, we experienced people taking fall damage and damage from hitting any walls from this pushback. Literally, the other healer and myself would - appear - to get 1 shot after crashing into a rocky wall or after landing. After making adjustments, we found that getting off the tanks immediately and moving away around 80% on the bosses, no one would take a ton of damage from the transition.

Trandoshans and Shield Phase: We actually never made it past this phase tonight. We are correctly dividing the raid and going to our assigned shields without any problems but between people being too slow to get there before a Mortar Volley strikes, the Trandoshans whittling away HP too much and keeping the tank kiting the spheres from dying, there's a lot of damage and dps might be a little lacking it seems. We are also correctly avoiding AoEs and refraining from killing the Trandoshan that will explode upon death until either he is the last one standing and the phase has just ended, or until a ranged DPS can pick him off when he's atop the boss.

Raid make up was:

- Guardian (nearly full 63)
- Vanguard (mix of 61 and 63)

Firebrand side
- Commando x2 (we had 1 kiting the spears and yellow beam)
- Guardian
- Gunslinger x2

- Scoundrel (mixed 61 and few 63)
- Sage (mixed 61 and few 63)

Stormcaller side
- Gunslinger
- Sentinel
- Sage (who was kiting the spears and yellow beam)
- Shadow
- Vanguard

- Scoundrel (all 61)
- Sage (I'm in mostly 61 with a few 63s)

Thoughts on damage, healing and DPS:

Oh boy. What. A. Fight. Compared to the tanks, Toth and Zorn hit like *****es. Our tanks are way more geared than all the healers and most of the DPS and they are being really wailed on. Not only that, this fight tough on healers and DPS as well. We might be missing something on the shield phase, but it's really kicking us in the ***. The Trandoshans have a sizable amount of HP to get through in the short Mortar volley phase (35k each, x3 for front and back shields - only 2 in the middle one - in a 25 second phase).

After playing around with the positioning and jobs of the healers, we found that we had to abandon our HM tactics and have a DPS on each boss take care of the spears and the cleanse. The damage on the tanks was simply too much for our healers to juggle that job as well. Upon changing our strat, the healers had no problems with healing until the 80% mark.

No flames are necessary, you are already roasting in the fires of your own stupidity.