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I think there's a strong case to be made for playing the same base classes. Most classes have very different options depending on if you go light or dark side, so if one of you goes light and the other dark, you can go spectator mode and watch all the class stories that your partner does and see how your story would have turned out if you were light or dark.

Another benefit is that you don't ever have to cross the map or go to different planets or separate to do class story stuff. Especially during transition points where each class story might have you go to 2 or 3 different planets back to back, it can be annoying just following someone around when you don't have anything to do yourself there. If you're playing the same base class, then you don't have that problem as long as you always quest together and stay at the same point in your class stories.

So, if that appeals to you, I'd recommend Consular for both of you. When you get to level 10, you select Sage as your advanced class (it has a healing and 2 dps skill trees to choose from as you level), and she takes Shadow as her advanced class (she gets a double bladed light saber and can choose between a tanking and 2 dps skill trees as she levels).

Alternatively, if light sabers aren't important to you, you both can take trooper. At level 10, you take Commando, and she takes Vanguard. I really love the play style of the trooper and my main is a Vanguard tank. The main drawback to the trooper is that this is starwars and you don't get to run around with a light saber if you go trooper/smuggler.

Also, it's been pointed out, but I'll say it also. Each faction has 4 base classes (8 advanced classes) that play just about the same. So, if you think imperial is cooler than republic, you can go Inquisitor instead of Consular and do the same thing.

Hope you enjoy the game!