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I thought that was the point.
It was the point; my point was that Obsidian's point (the Jedi were nearly gone) made no sense. The Jedi couldn't have known with certainty that Revan would succeed and win the War or, if he did, when he would. Assuming KotOR 2's and only KotOR 2's take on how the War was developing, the Jedi were in their last month of existence as an organization when Revan killed Malak. Lets say that there were 7,500 Jedi when the Jedi Civil War started (which probably less than the actual number they had). Now for there to be 100 left at the Wars end, the Jedi would have been losing 3,000 members every single year of the war; that is over 8 members daily. So with 100 members left, at their rate of losses, they would have lasted for less than a month of continued fighting. Yet the Jedi were still active in the War according to KotOR 1. So there is no reason to assume their losses would have stopped or gone down. Yet despite the fact that the War was in actuality nearly over, the Jedi couldn't have known that. The Sith Empire was far from defeat, and the Republic still had a lot of fight left (most of their Fleet was intact and they still had the Core World's and part of the Mid-Rim). They couldn't have used Hindsight to know how to best allot their forces. They would have had to still had to defend the Core World's and if their losses were getting so bad. They would have had to withdraw to lick their wounds and prepare a stand. The other point is that even if they had all of their Jedi at the front at the time, they still wouldn't have enough to reinforce their front. In other words, they had no reserve forces. What I am saying is that the Jedi would have had to have more Jedi than KotOR 2 implied.

TL;DR Yes, it is meant to say that the Jedi lost a lot in the War; but it went overboard with how few Jedi are left.

On the other hand, the Jedi fought an extremely devastating War against one of the best Force Users in History. The War caused tremendous amounts of Jedi to be killed, and the losses on both sides come from the Pre-War Jedi. 30 Years later, they had a huge Schism in the still recovering Order, which led to tremendous Casualties for the Jedi that join Revan in fighting the Mandalorians. Then, the Faction that left turned on the Jedi a few years later and fought an extremely devastating War that killed off Thousands of Jedi. Also, it is important to note that the Jedi Civil War and the Great Sith War are Civil Wars within the Jedi. They are wars where the Casualties on both sides were Jedi, which almost halves the Order's strength before you account for casualties. Yet Drew passes it off as if the Jedi are relatively fine in the Revan Novel.

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You are confusing my statement, the Jedi Masters and Kreia had stated that around a hundred Jedi remained after the Jedi Civil War then they went on about how these Sith assassins had dwindled their numbers even further, so they fell into exile with the Order unofficially disbanded.

Yes the '10,000' statement made me cringe, especially given that the Jedi had suffered serious casualties in the Great Sith War and Mandalorian Wars and then the Civil War itself.
Honestly, I think that both sources on this don't have that great of an interpretation of how things should have been after the war. KotOR 2 is bad for the reasons I mentioned above, Revan is bad for the reasons you and I mentioned.

I laughed when I read that bit. It was as if Drew was illustrating how much he despised having to acknowledge KotOR 2's existence.