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11.17.2012 , 09:21 PM | #74
1) Begeren Colony

2) Krystine, Chy'lla, Bulgroth, Yulera, Lantaya, Rish'il, Talo-zur, Cae'lla

3) Every 2-3 hours

4) Practically anything. Doing FPs, Ops, even sitting on fleet doing nothing. I do notice however, that before a crash, I hear the sound stutter whatever sound or sounds are playing 20-30mins before and immediately at crash. Screen goes black, I still see my cursor and then after a minute or so, I'm at my desktop, application closed.


6) The Event Viewer does not display any "errors" by SWTOR.exe, so I have no info to post here, sadly.

7) This is indeed a crash to desktop. I don't even receive a "SWTOR.exe as stopped responding" window or anything. Black screen, then at desktop with SWTOR's application closed.