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Buy the campaign armorings for you gear, then you can just buy the armor pieces (boots and gloves most of the time) that have the correct mods and enhancements for your class/spec.
While you have to do some of that, it is not the fastest and the most cost efficient (in terms of cost in black hole commendations) way, if you do only that.

First of all, if there are any black hole pieces that have good and optimal stats, so you can use all 3 parts, the armoring, mod and the enhancement without needing to switch any of them to improve your gear, don't bother buying the campaign armoring, but just buy the black hole piece, as it costs less commendations than buying both a campaign armoring and a black hole piece.

Now, since the black hole gear does not have any set bonus on them, so what you need to then do is to pull out the armoring, mod and enhancement and put them inside a corresponding piece of columi gear to get the set bonus from that. This will be just as good as having campaign in terms of performance.

The only advantage campaign would give here is the possibility to move the set bonus to another gear with different look, while with the black hole armorings inside a columi piece, you are stuck with the columi looks.

Then for the pieces of gear where at least one of the parts (armoring, mod or enhancement) does not have the most optimal stats, it is better to do as the other person there mentioned: Buy the campaign armoring and the take the mod and enhancement from whichever piece of black hole gear has the ones with the most optimal stats.

Just remember, the armorings pulled out of gear can only be put to same slot (like from chest to chest or from gloves to gloves) but the mod and enhancement can go from any piece of gear to any other.