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I love my madness playstyle, but as I said in a different post, something about it feels wonky, and to add, shock is not really as useful to use in rotation other than every 20 seconds for the buff. So I thought of two suggestions two make shock better AND to streamline to rotation.

If you guys have any additional thought, please add them! If you agree, please say so, lets let em know!


Creeping Terror feels a bit, meh. With both discharge, creeping terror, and death field, I have to spend 3 GCDs and animations just kinda pointing at things. So, in an effort to fix shock and make creping terror not so bleh, I suggest its similar to acid blade. I.E.

Creeping Terror - Causes your next shock have a 30 meter range, root your target for 2 seconds, and do X amount of damage over time, does not respect the global cooldown.

Bam, makes shock useful for something, you still get exactly the same thing from creeping terror, and you DONT have to waste a GCD standing there pointing at something (its very boring looking!)


Another suggest,ion, nowhere near as useful or neat as my first I think, but, shock could refresh lightning discharge. Its lightning, the discharge is could! That'ld make shock more useful and also free up a GCD casting Lightning Discharge again.

What do you guys think? Like? Dislike?
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