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The Exile was taken from the founder of the new Orthodox Jedi Order and saviour of everything in the galaxy with power enough to vanquish the entire Sith Triumvirate single-handedly into a padawan who can barely take Imperial Guards and has nothing on Revan's level, it's pathetic "My character is better than your's" writing, it dragged that entire book into the dirt for me.

She did have a character in the game, a great character that was canonised and expanded upon by passages in other works, that was thrown out of the window itself.

And it doesn't matter which work you like more, that NEVER matters, all that has ever mattered is continuity and Drew managed to royally trash that by contradicting half the things in the second game and basically making out like the Sith Triumvirate were no real threat and the Republic and Jedi were fine and dandy.

An example would be Kreia stating that almost none of the Jedi were still left and that the Temple on Coruscant is empty, fastforward to the novel, she goes to the Temple and it's just as populated as it ever was, 'Barely one hundred Jedi remained after the Jedi Civil War...' there were probably more than that in the Jedi Temple alone.
I think that everyone who read the Revan Novel should be able to tell that Drew was definitely establishing that Revan > The Exile.

Wasn't what Kreia said about how many Jedi remained after the Jedi Purge (which occured after Revan had left for Nathema), and the scene with Revan in the Jedi Temple from before the Purge started? Though Drew did directly contradict what KotOR 2 said about there being a Hundred or so Jedi after the Jedi Civil War, and yet he says that over Ten Thousand are still there in the Revan Novel (once again, Before the Purge). Even though I though the idea that there would be only 100 left after KotOR didn't make sense. The Jedi would have totally collapsed as a Organization if their numbers got that low. Anywhere from 1,500 to 3,500 seemed more realistic.