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No, they won't. And they shouldn't have to, this is a stupid thing to complain about and I have no idea why anyone bothers or cares. Sure, it's a large amount of credits. But who really gives a ****?
Because it diminishes a player's accomplishment. While I have not unlocked the rocket boost myself, I have grinded out armor, schematics, and various mods/enchancements. If EA is going to offer an alternative way of gaining these items, the cost should be a little more in-synch with the efforts players who bought / unlocked it with credits put into it. I think that's only fair.

I'm not arguing that EA shouldn't change credit costs, drop rates, ect as they deem needed for the evolving game, I'm just saying lets make sure the CC cost matches the alternative method. Otherwise the system encourages pay-to-win.
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