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She has a very very memorable quote towards the end of her story. My mouth absolutely dropped that they wrote it in. I had to go find it on youtube just to listen to it again after it happened. It's something I'm sure the equivalent of most people will never hear anything close to in their entire life otherwise. I actually felt like I was watching something intimate, innocent, and genuine. It still floors me.

I still can't believe they wrote it in. Just .. there aren't words. Whoever wrote the end of her romance / mando line is amazing. They deserve to write an entire novel, graphic or otherwise on just Akaavi. And I would buy it.

I still stand by though that they need a 2nd set of voice work for her actually liking you for ingame. :/
Don't leave me hanging now =) what did she say?

I really like playing with Akaavi, had my smuggler been male I would probably have romanced her.