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11.17.2012 , 06:19 PM | #897
Muram your response was ignorant of this thread. Its fine but it is.

My point was that many of us talking on this thread want a matchmaking system.

There is major MAJOR contention between the current system and a solo q only / group q only system.

There is less fighting when it comes to making a matchmaking system.

I don't want the system to stay as is. I want a simple matchmaking system that tries to match premades for a few minutes and also allows for mixed faction teams (would help premade matching and would help stop people from gaming the system).

My goal is to get people asking for a solo only q to realize the futility of their attempts and to realize that even a simple matchmaking system including mixed faction teams would make thier pvp experience much much better.

If many of us can get behind one idea then maybe the devs will maybe notice us. However, arguing as we are there really isn't anything the devs would do even if they were watching this thread (not holding my breath lol).