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What you seem to forget is that Meetra Surik had canon abilities and skills that Drew threw out the window and turned her into a sidekick. A Robin to his Batman. Except he made the Robin into someone who can't do anything for herself and made tried to make the Batman the be all end all of Star Wars.

Side-note: The REAL Batman would kick Revan's behind
It's not about abilities, it's that she was made out to be a useless, whiny Revan worshiper without a hint of a spine or brains.

She destroyed an entire planet with her own forces on it and stared down Sith lords with ridiculous powers. Oh, right, and trained the first of the new Jedi. The entire Jedi order in this game is a direct result of HER actions.

I wonder how many would be thrilled if Revan was made out to be a dimwitted peasant with a southern accent that tripped over his own boots on his way to the stable he worked in. Yeah, I'm sure that would be great.

I cannot stand the EU for this reason. It's a pissing contest with authors ignoring continuity and storytelling that makes sense for the sake of making their characters awesome.