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The DDE was about 60-75 bucks when the game first came out. If you think about it, a new game or expansion comes average around 60 bucks, plus your month of game time is in there, 15 dollar value, and then all the little in game toys, for another 5. We got it earlier then the rest, and it's clearly not selling anymore which is why they just dropped the price of the items to 5 bucks. It's exactly like it is on the GTN, when something first comes out, its expensive, give it time, it cheapens. Next time hold on to your money if your going to be angry when the price drops later.

This exactly. I remember back in the day when I bought a game then the expansion. Then that company made the two available together and it was cheaper than what I paid for just one of them. I was so damn angry I stomped all around my house. I threw my wife's favorite vase on the ground. Then she grounded me and told me to go to my room and I said NO! The anger sharks are swimming even now just thinking about it. I mean how on earth do some things get cheaper with time it makes no sense!!!11!!!!!