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11.17.2012 , 05:46 PM | #20
I had this error last night when I added a time card to my account. I could not log in and it insisted there was no active subscription despite my account page saying i was subscribed. I tried adding an additional 60 day card to see if this would correct the issue and still could not log in.

Purchasing 450 cartel coins bumped my account out of inactive (in game) to preferred status. (This sites my account still says I am a subscriber) and I was able to log in and play. However experience points are still being reduced and I am losing mission reward items that are "only subscribers can choose one".

I attempted to add 30 day recurring subscription to the account via paypal and it allowed me to do so. So now it says I am a subscriber AND have recurring payments that will take place starting March (OF NEXT YEAR). The subscription status however still has not translated over from this website to the game.

I placed 2 in game trouble tickets. One got deleted without response, the second resulted in an email telling me this cannot be resolved online and has to be called in.

I have been on hold for 52 minutes and counting.

I am not impressed.