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11.17.2012 , 05:41 PM | #894
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I don't know what server your on but even solo que takes a bit longer then 2mins. If how it is doesn't meet your "standard" then nothing will, so your point is invalid....
Harbinger. How it currently is meets my "standard" just fine, though as I said I would prefer more premade v premade matches if I could get them without decreasing my total % of time in wz. Again I don't believe BW can do that without cross server ques.

The 2 minute number came from how often I believe the matchmaking system tries to put matches together, but nice fallacy there. If you prefer for the sake of semantics the wait could be 5 minutes instead of 2 that doesn't change the point in the slightest. The problem is when it gets over 5 minutes people decide it isn't worth it, stop queing, and then the que becomes half an hour or longer. All so solo quers can get a bracket that would be almost as bad as lowbies.