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And yet they refuse to admit there's even a problem. Bioware seem to be having a wonderful time of ignoring the issues this game has and pretending everything is fine. As for being on the back of the bus? I get the feeling the bus drove off without us as we were fishing around for change for a fiver.

As has been stated before, we are unlikely to hear anything on this topic until it's snuck into the game under cover of darkness and then, when the forums inevitably explode with "Oh my god! Gays! Noes!" Bioware will just say that the content has always been in the game, it's just you haven't noticed it until now.

Taa daa. It's the inclusive way.
It makes a horrifyingly amount of sense. Especially in light of that gamebiz article that we had to write in to get edited. As you pointed out, it would also justify the rare same sex flirts. I personally haven't run into any yet, although I did hear about Captain Zone's experience with a FTB on Tattoonine. This was with his lady Smuggler and another female NPC.

Those little obscure events I could see being used to support the notion that same gender content has always been in the game. Suuure, something so obscure that probably 99% of the playerbase doesn't know it exists totally counts as gamewide SGR content, right?

As my friends from across the pond would say, Bollocks.

I have a feeling that you're right. And for a lot of people, for and against, it'll be a "wait, what?" moment for them. This could get ugly and beyond the Chuck Norris jokes I heard in Korriban last night. So much for my mara alt until things settle some.

I really hope we are wrong on this one, but I honestly wouldn't put it past The Powers That Be.