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11.17.2012 , 05:10 PM | #1
Bc of problem I have I had to contact support in order to fix it.
So yesterday I use the support webform, but get reply that I need to call support by phone and here the nightmare begins.

First I am in que for 1 hour 15 min where I finally talk to service who aids me, but cant fix the whole problem. So she gives me a ticket number and transfers me. Problem is transfer means I go back to que where over 1 hour later they hang up on me.
Then I write emails and ingame ticket in hope of help that way, but nope. So the next day I contact support by phone again. After 2 times where I was in que 30 min I finally just put my phone besides me and watch a movie. I almost see the entire movie before after 2 hours and 5 min someone finally picks up and again cannot help me with problem, so atm I got the same ticket number as yesterday and again have been transfered which again means I am back in que where I have almost been for 40 min at this point and maybe in 20 min will get hung up on again.

The reason I type this story is to make BW aware of how poor their service is and I have been a sub since day 1 so I would expect just a decent level of service being a sub. This is flat out spitting me in the face and I even fear all this time in que will show up on my phonebill. I swear if it does I will mail the bill to BW.

To BW support. I dont know why your support sucks so much, but please fix it!