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if you got that upset about it, the story tellers got it right

I thought that was the best story twist to date! Much better than the boring BH storyline I did first. I don't think you should be able to kill him though, as once the nerd rage dies down you might really regret not having a healer... especially if you're a jugg tank. I though just beating the crap out of him and liberal doses of my sith social ability (punish or whatever) was sufficient.
I don't give a **** about not having a healer - I want that piece of gutter trash dead ! This is a an RPG and i fail to see how any truly DS Sith, male or female, leaves Quinnn with his head attached.

My Sith has kept Vette's shock collar firmly in place and left a trail of corpses halfway across the universe. My Sith kills people who so much as look at him funny let alone try to kill him. There is zero doubt that my Sith would have scattered pieces of Quinn all over the scenery. Even if we assume he controlled his gut instinct towards homicide (unlikely for Sith) his intellectuctual response to betrayal would be to punish it so severely that no one in their right mind would consider making the same mistake. Frankly Quinn would have been lucky if my Sith acted emotionally and beat him to death. If by any chance he had thought the situation through Quninn's demise might have taken days and involved much screaming.

Good writing gives me a chance to remain true to my character, this 3rd rate excuse for a script forces me to do something fundamantally unbelievable. I have retcinned it in my head. My warrior kept Quinn alive in the short term by promising him his life and tricking him back onto the ship. There he was slowly and painfully executed for the education and enterttainment of the crew. His stuffed corpse now stand on the bridge as testimony to the price of treason. Since that moment I have not spoken to Quinn or used him for a crew task.

This costs me - I a am missing a healer and a am limited in crew tasks but I don't care. The only acceptable solution to me, the only one that permits me to continue with my warrior is that Quinn is dead - and this is the one that poor writing forces me to make up for myself.