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11.17.2012 , 03:53 PM | #888
Ya doom I agree with you. My earlier post wasn't trying to argue with you just to make a point.

Criminal. I guess you are a jug or mara with good gear who premades a lot. You may be good or may not be it doesn't matter if that is the case. The softcap to those classes is low even in a pug and in a premade it is pretty much nonexistent. Your healer should keep you up with your cds and you should have near 100% melee uptime even as a mediocre player.

If you have another of your spec with same gear and same premade then you can still show who is better but as far as most of your matches go even a bad player of your class and gear in a decent premade would be a major threat. Don't kid yourself. From your response it seems you are not like doom. Doom wants even matches. You want to keep thinking you are a good player and not face that it may or may not be true.