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Lastly I leave you with this question: Why would a game continue to support a clearly dysfunctional system which not only fails at it's task but effectively repels players, and is viciously unforgiving to new players just stepping into the arena and experiencing PvP for the first time. These players not only do not have the motive, nor the knowledge or social experience in the game to be consciously malicious, lazy or otherwise capable of the many other lies and slander you use to describe players that for whatever reason Solo queue. This system not only appeases a small portion of the player base (Premades) but manages to frustrate an alarmingly vast portion of the remaining playerbase (Pugs). Why, why in god's green earth would a game continue to support a system that repels it's own players from it's content?
=P it wouldn't, that would be a terrible idea.

*Sigh* I wish people would actually read what I've said (all of it) before spouting off stupidity. I am all for a proper matchmaking system. If there are 4 premades in queue within 5-10 minutes or so of each other, the game should match them together. If there is some measurable statistic of skill (maybe valor rank, even though that can be raised just by grinding) then the game should try and pit Valor 100 vs. Valor 100. If There is a Valor 80, a Valor 70, and a Valor 50 int eh queue, it should put the Valor 80 and Valor 50 together, then the V70 with the V60. Etc... I totally think the system should wait a -little while- to match people on some criteria rather than throwing the first 16 eligible people into a match.

My issue has come down to the split queue, which literally solves very few of the overal issues with PvP. It will not solve gear-gap issues, it will not solve composition issues, general skill level issues, etc... It targets one thing that we (as players) really have no idea how it's effecting the general population. It also could possible cause several negative side effects for such few potential gains (Longer queue's, dead group queue, promoting solo-ism in an MMO, Lowering skill required for success... etc...). As I said to the other person, I do not feel Bioware can afford to make any more risky fixes (especially given their track record).

We as players do not have the information to make a determination whether a risky venture like a split queue would work well for ToR's target audience, population, and system, and the potential negatives are just as bad (if not worse) than the potential benefits.


But lemme sum up -my- position so I will hopefully stop hearing assumptions and accusations on where I stand. if you look back through the posts here, you'll find I've had the same overal message/points.

1. I believe this game needs cross server queue'ing.
2. I believe this game needs proper matchmaking, basing on group size and/or general overall valor. I say Valor because while it's no indication of personal skill, it should be an indication of progression. I doubt you'd find a valor 80 without full WH.
3. I believe players should be more responsible for their own level of effort, and strive to achieve rather than blame others for their choices.

Simple, no?