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We would like que times to stay low for both premades and pugs. That is our "vendetta" Such a terrible despicable goal I know.

I would love the better competition of premade v premade every match.... if you could give it to me within 2 minutes of queuing. I don't believe SWTOR can so I like most other "premaders" would rather be able to play than wait in a que that takes half an hour to pop. The seperate que idea would just turn the premade que into something almost as bad as the rwz que, AND it would make the solo que almost as bad if not as bad as lowbies.
And to echo and expand on Asuna's point here...

Premades, or PVP guilds for that matter, don't have a "vendetta". Neither do they/we maliciously roflstomp pugs laughing manically in vent while we torture midgets with our free time between spawns.

You have a large group of players. 100% of them want to win. Mathematically only 50% of them ever will. The "good" players find another 3 people they know are good, group with them, to maximize their chance to win. The "bad" players respond by saying "I want a system in place that ensures I only have to play against 1 good player, instead of 4 per match."

One method involves players taking action to maximize their success. The other method invloves people taking no action themselves, and asking everyone else to adjust to minimize their personal chance at failure.

I don't want subs to go down, or queue times to go up, any more than anybody else, but my sympathy isn't going to make bad players good. And until bad players get good, they are going to lose games. And they are either going to be frustrated by playing the game, or quit playing.
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